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We are a pharmacy that gives you control of your health and empowers your choices.
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Enjoy the safety and security of having your up-to-date medication information with you at all times on your computer or mobile device.
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Individualized Care - Our pharmacy specialists help to ensure you are on the most optimal medication therapy.
A Helping Hand
We have innovative options to better involve family, caregivers and your doctors within your Circle of Care. Learn more about how our online portal and personal health companion can get you on the road to better health.
Our Dispensing Fee is $9.99
Saving you time and money is our goal, there are no hidden fees or delivery charges! We waive $2 off of ODB copays.
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Who We Work With
Daily Dose works with Telus PharmaConnect, a trusted online service that allows you to access your medication record and manage your refills.
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